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Applied I-Ching


The study of I-Ching has been a complex subject, especially when one intends to
master the subject, in areas such as divination or oracle. Currently, the market lacks references that clearly illustrates the practical application of the ancient art of divination using I-Ching.

This Applied I-Ching book is the 1st book of its kind in the world that aims to
increase the awareness of mankind to such ancient art of divination. First of such
book written in English to appeal to the world at large, and presented in an easy to use and understand manner, it is a useful self-help book for beginners (with step by step illustration) as well as detailed explanation and intepretation of the 64 Hexagrams for the more advanced practitioners.

It is a comprehensive reference book that contains the basic applications of I-Ching from the reading of names and places right up to the use of Chinese coins and the Heng-Li I Ching cards as a form of deriving and intepreting the I-Ching hexagrams when consulting the I-Ching.


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