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Tao Books in English | Other Tao Products

almanac 2009
Almanac 2019 (US$6 per book)
This book aims to provide a guide for selecting auspicious dates and time to maximise your success and bring good fortune when undertaking important events without going through the hassle of referring to non-English materials that are too complicated. More >>>

applied i-ching
Applied I-Ching (US$35 per book)
The study of I-Ching has been a complex subject, especially when one intends to master the subject, in areas such as divination or oracle. Currently, the market lacks references that clearly illustrate the practical application of the ancient art of divination using I-Ching. More >>>

Zi Wei Numerology - A Fate theory of Tao (US$30 per book)
A basic self-study handbook - setting your fate chart and interpretation. More >>>
A Complete Book On Zi Wei Numerology (US$30 per book)
More explanation and more elaborate interpretation of Zi Wei Numerology.
More >>>

Appearance Analysis (US$30 per book)
First hand information gathered for management purposes. Simple and easy to use with many elaborate pictures.
More >>>

Longevity Exercise Over Rwo Shur Massage Board (US$10 per book)
Lead-in Longevity Exercise (Chapter I & II)
20 active exercises plus 5 passive exercises
More >>>

Lead-in Longevity Exercise (US$15 per unit)
Musical CD

Chi of Tao (US$10 per book)
Lead-in Longevity Exercise (Chapter III & IV)
Ancient Tao Lead-In Longevity Exercise brings you closer to Nature and to stay healthy and happy.
More >>>

Lead-in Longevity Exercise II (US$15 per unit)
Musical CD - The Chi of Tao

Yin-Yang Conversion Calendar (US$30 per book)
Tool book for those who wish to apply Tao studies to their lives.
More >>>

Longevity Tao of Foot (US$25 per book)
Another simple DIY self-study handbook.
Author revealing very precious clinical skill.
- Foot Reflexology for pregnancy.
- Foot Reflexology for hair growth.

Rwo Shur Health Method - A Self Study Book on Foot Reflexology
(US$35 per book)
A book designed for those who want to learn foot reflexology independently.

Father Josef's Foot Reflexology (US$40 per book)
Foot reflexology was brought into the limelight in Asia by Father Josef more than 20 years ago. This is the first book written in English about his experiences and his unique foot reflexology method, which he initiated, researched and advocates, based on western and eastern cultural perceptions.

Other Tao products | Tao Books in English


Feng Shui Aroma
Specially prepared by a prominent Tao scholar to light up our daily path in career, wealth and marriage and to benefit children. Especially effective for updating and upgrading our Tao tools. Also for use in praying and during the festive season. (US$30 per unit)

Hexagram Aroma Pot

Aroma is lighted to follow the route of the Hexagram of the Early Heaven to enhance the effectiveness of the Tao messages.
Tao Aroma Calendar
It is a Tai Sui Calendar and is also a convenient and effective guide for days to light the aroma. (US$5 per piece)
Tao Cards

Tai Sui Cards
In Tao, every year there is a current Tai Sui which is a Qi affecting the environment on earth. Tao Tai Sui card will help you adapt to this Qi and make your path smooth.

Guiding Angel Cards
This set of cards bring in invisible Qi facilitating your advancement, examination, work progress and business deals.

Position & Prosperity Cards
This set of cards will enhance your position and wealth


Tao Jade

Auspicious jade and 12 Chinese zodiac jade for auspicious Tao setting.
Tao Coins
Tao setting is a myth way to tap in prosperity, upgrading business, protect your pathway and smoothen your fate luck.

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