Zi Wei Numerology Ė A Fate Theory of Tao


Zi Wei Numerology (Zi Wei Dou Shu) originated from an ancient Chinese study based on the Stars Constellation system, it is a special fate skill of Tao Studies to accurately determine a personís character and foretell his destiny structure, details of events and incidents throughout their lifespan.

Zi Wei Numerology can be used to guide us in the aspects of our career, finance, marriage, health, emotions, family and children, to maximise the benefit of our favourable circumstances or make the necessary adjustments under unfavourable conditions. Thus, enables us to make better informed choices in life.

The essence of Zi Wei Numerology lies in its ability to empower and enhance our life. Destiny cannot be changed but can be enhanced by focusing on areas that need improving and enhancement, you can achieve a better life overall. Interestingly too, you can get tips from Zi Wei Numerology on the auspicious time to strike lottery!

The Institute of Tao Studies is pleased to present to you the Zi Wei Numerology course.

The course is structured into 3 parts (Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced) to cover all the key principles and focuses on the practical aspects of Zi Wei Numerology.

This will enable you to immediately able to use Zi Wei Numerology effectively in the shortest time possible to:

  • Determine a personís character
  • Determine a personís destiny on Life events
  • Determine a personís destiny on the Decade cycle
  • Determine a personís destiny on the Year cycle
  • Determine a personís destiny on the Monthly and Daily cycle
  • Interpret the dynamics of interpersonal relationships (spouses, siblings, parents, children, friends and acquaintances)

Course Contents Details

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