1. Intensive Training Courses (Details)

English and Chinese (Mandarin) intensive short courses for beginners and advanced courses on the studies

2. Counselling Services for a nominal fee. Please enquire if you are interested.

Personal counselling on the life pathway in career, romance, marriage, studies and advancement etc. by the way of Fate Theories, Feng Shui, Almanac, Appearance Analysis, Mountain Tao skill or Shien etc.

Please fill in the following form and send to us. An appointment will then be scheduled for your counselling session.

3. Social Services

Free talks can be requested for interested organisations. Special Tao projects related to social community can also be arranged.

4. Sale of Products of Tao Studies Details

  • Books
  • Other Tao products
    • Feng Shui Aroma
    • Aroma Calendar
    • Aroma Pot
    • Tao Jade
    • Tao pictures and cards
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