Dr. S.N. Goh (Geraldine Tay)
Ph. D (T.M.S.) , M.A. (Economics), B. Com. Hons

  • Pioneer advocator and promoter of Tao Studies in dual languages (English and Chinese) internationally
  • 28 years in Tao studies and more than 30 years' experience in foot reflexology.
  • Promoter, writer, counsellor, instructor of Tao studies.
  • Advocator, Promoter, Practitioner, Instructor and Author of books on Health especially in foot reflexology and health exercise. 
  • Principal of Rwo Shur Health Institute International (Singapore & Malaysia)
  • Founder and person-in-charge of International Institute of Tao Studies, Malaysia.
  • Name recorded in "Contemporary Who's Who in Traditional Medicine" Book*.

    *The book is one of 26 in a series of books in the magnum opus Grand System of World Traditional Medicine compound and published by the American Academy of World Traditional Medical Science. The book records 1291 doctors who are prominent in the traditional Chinese medicine including Han, Tibetan, Mongolian, Ulgur, The Zhuang, the Hui, the Tai, Korean and the Dong medicine as well as in other traditional fields of medicine in the world.


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